LuSim is a solar energy simulation tool that has originated from our own need for special simulation capacities that we have encounteered over 15 years of consulting and research, and that were not fully addressed by the standard software solutions available on the market.

LuSim possesses many standard simulation features, such as:

  •  Energy yield assessment, use of solar irradiation long-term time series (not just TMYs)
  • Detailed calculations of PV energy losses
  • Calculation of exceedance probabilities (P50, P90, …)

LuSim also makes it possible to carry out more advanced simulations for specialized or niche applications:

  • Complex shading scenes
  • Bifacial PV energy gain
  • Concentrating Photovoltaics (CPV)
  • Building integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)
  • Modern finance applied to PV portfolios
  • Assistance for the design and optimization of PV plants
  • PV self-consumption and self-sufficiency (for individual or collective prosumers)
  • High-frequency time series generation (up to one second)
  • Simulations in loop for Monte-Carlo analysis, multi-parameter optimization, or PV portfolios.