LuLab offers Research & Development (R&D) capabilities for the solar energy industry and academia.

The members of our team have participated and/or led several important research projects at national and international levels.

Our experts bring their experience to R&D projects from proposal writing to execution.

Some relevant research projects:

  • PV CROPS (PhotoVoltaic Cost reduction, Reliability, Operational performance, Prediction and Simulation), European FP7 project, budget: 6 m€
  • NACIR: NACIR (New Applications for CPV’s: a fast way to Improve Reliability and technological Progress), European FP7 project, budget: 4 m€
  • SERENDI-PV (Smooth, REliable aNd Dispatchable Integration of PV in EU Grids), European H2020 project, budget: 12 m€, ongoing
  • IEA PVPS Tasks 15 (BIPV) and Task 16: (solar resource), ongoing
  • Pearl PV (Performance and Reliability of Photovoltaic Systems: Evaluations of Large-Scale Monitoring Data), European COST Action, ongoing.